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About Counselling and Psychotherapy

I came to psychotherapy as I have always wanted to support others, who are in need. Over the years I have learned that constructive help involves supporting the individual to empower themselves. It is important to assess with the client, what they want to gain from the sessions. I work short and long term, both can be very successful depending on what the client needs and wants. The agreed aim, length and consequent way of working together is essential for a desirable outcome.

In the following I provide a definition of psychotherapy, as I understand it. However I would like to stress the point that counselling or psychotherapy should be defined by the clients wishes and choices.
Psychotherapy is an exploration of emotional, cognitive and behavioural issues. The quality of the relationship between client and therapist helps the client to achieve positive change within their life. Therapy's aim includes healing and generally to promote growth and development. Psychotherapy is generally undertaken to gain self-knowledge and awareness. For example, how past issues are connected to the present, will be explored and thus will further enable the client to make conscious choices within this dynamic. However, I strongly respect my clients choices of the issues to be explored.

Every client may come to psychotherapy and counselling for different reasons and I believe that everybody can benefit from therapy at some point in their life. However there are certain conditions or difficulties that need particular attention.

Psychotherapy can be seen as a method of treatment. I prefer to see it as a learning process that can bring healing. It is essential to discuss in the beginning of therapy (during the assessment) what the client wants to get from therapy and if this is a realistic expectation considering factors like the length of therapy. However psychotherapy can bring a happy life and better relationships. Clients will most certainly understand their life, past and themselves better. Somebody once told me that you become just more yourself. Accepting and even loving yourself are also important processes during therapy. On the other hand more control over one's life brings the responsibility of choice and its consequence, which may need to be considered, explored and possibly accepted.
However the outcome of therapy is depending on the client's wishes, their situation and also their readiness for change.

Supervision and training:
I also offer supervision and training to counsellors and therapists assisting them in expanding their clinical skills, theoretical knowledge, ethics, exploring their personal issues and helping with clients' work. If you are interested in supervision or training, please contact me to discuss further.

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